Hosting Option

your house + my food = our secret

Chef-made meals in your home for parties and celebrations of all sizes!

  • Is life too busy to even think of planning your dinner party?
  • Are you eager to host a night in with friends and your favourite wine?
  • Why wait until the weekend to kick back and relax with friends?
  • Undercover Chef makes weeknight and weekend entertainment possible leaving you the time to relax or do the things that you love!
  • Let Undercover Chef do the shopping, prep and clean-up so that you can host a personalized meal in the comfort of your home designed to suit your taste in food and wine.

Hosting packages available starting from $150 (includes consultation, shopping, prep and clean-up) + food costs according to menu selection. A one-time free consultation allows Undercover Chef to get acquainted with your kitchen and discuss your personal preferences.

Create an amazing dining experience within the comfort of your own home. Your taste buds will thank you. Bon App├ętit!