Satisfied customers are saying:

I could eat this salad ALL night! The meal was delicious…The smoked trout was also a huge hit. If you are OK with sharing secrets I would love to know what was in the salad dressing.  It was just the right balance of sweetness and savoury. Thank you so much for creating a memorable evening for [us] and our guests.  -H.J., Roncesvalles/High Park, Toronto

The ladies thought it was wonderful! Lots of yummy food, especially the beef tenderloin and the pears [for dessert] – it worked beautifully! -L.Z., Rosedale, Toronto

Thank you so much for last night’s dinner!! It was a HUGE success! The guests absolutely loved the glaze on the chicken and specifically commented on this. The salad was also a huge hit! The presentation and the flavours were fabulous. The quinoa [side dish] and the cheese plate were also delicious! -S.O., Roncesvalles/High Park, Toronto

I recently broke my leg which made it very difficult if not impossible to cook dinner and ordering in was not an option I wanted to entertain. Undercover Chef saved us. Nicky provided a meal package that was delicious! The best part was how easy it was to reheat the meals and have a great dinner on the table every night. The convenience was worth every penny and my  husband was ecstatic that he didn’t have to take on the chore of evening meals. I will definitely use Undercover Chef again and would highly recommend Nicky to anyone who is looking for an alternative to eating out or ordering in. -K.H., Roncesvalles/High Park, Toronto

It would have been impossible for me to do this–thank you so much. People arrived promptly at 6:30 pm so I was able to immediately serve the cheese plate, even though I just got home about 20 minutes before!  Thanks again! -S.O., Roncesvalles/High Park, Toronto

I spoke to [my daughter] later this morning and she said everyone loved the fruit salad and the strata!! It was a huge hit–thank you!! -S.O., Roncesvalles/High Park, Toronto

Your food + my house = a delicious brunch! -P.L., Forest Hill, Toronto

Thank you so much for another fabulous dinner! It was a huge success. -S.O., Roncesvalles/High Park, Toronto