Singapore style gets funky with your noodles!

Singapore Noodle - Vegetables - Mains - Undercover Chef - Nicolette Felix

Sizzling colour hits the wok!

Singapore Noodle - Vegetables - Noodles - Shrimp - Mains - Undercover Chef - Nicolette Felix
The perfect combo of salty, sweet, spicy and fresh

It’s cold in the morning and the dark comes early at night. With too much to do and not enough time, the holiday rush is making us sluggish, anxious and well, maybe a bit cranky. A popular request for comfort food usually leads me to rich sauces and slow-cooking. But today it was a great relief to chop plenty of fresh veg on the fly. It led to a wok full of vibrant colours and a final dish with a welcome crunch providing just as much comfort as hours of stewing. Get out of your cold-weather funk…now!